The real American tragedy is TIME

The real American tragedy is TIME: we are so strapped for it, we will do anything to have more of it with our busy lives that we sacrifice our health for it.

Guys, the big businesses know how badly you want more time that they are going to offer to you easy solutions that will kill your health.

Solutions like "fast food" (literally time in the title), that have no regard for your health.

These are the reasons why the US is in the state of declining health it is in.

But when you sacrifice your health to have more time, guess what? You are actually also sacrificing time!

Because when you don't have health, time literally doesn't matter. There is nothing useful you can do with time when you are in a hospital, in a doctors' office, unable to get up and move, or on pills that make you feel terrible.

I want to tell you there is a way for you have both more time and your health.

I spent my career creating it for you.

You can get 15 days worth of time back a year...while eating healthier than you...

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Stick to your diet effortlessly

Diets don't work...
Unless you have a plan.
If you want to overhaul how you eat, you're going to need to put some planning in.

When I was in my size 8 pants, I would wake up and think "today will be different," but it wasn't because my fridge was the same, my pantry was the same, my habits had not shifted at all.

To lose the weight, to make a dietary change, you have to plan for it.

What foods will you be eating?
How are you going to get them on your table?
What is for lunch?
What is for dinner?
What are you snacking on?

You need to know this before saying "I am going to make a change,"" will actually result in a change.

I can help you do this, just like I have helped so many others do this.

Take it from Denise who has been able to effortlessly stick to keto since she took The Meal Prep Course.

"Since taking the course, sticking to keto has been so easy for me. I am losing weight and keeping it off." - Denise, Life Coach

I would love to help you do this work inside The Meal Prep Course...

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Good things don’t come easy...

Good things don’t come easy...

I was sweating my butt off at the gym today, kind of regretting being there, when this thought hit me.

If I want to feel the way I want to feel this summer, I’m probably going to have to go through it. Feel discomfort. Sweat. Skip dessert.

This goes for saving money, getting more free time each week, committing to meal prepping.

The work you put in upfront might not be easy.

You might even need to invest money upfront to get these things...
But if the result is worth it, then the “hard part” isn’t so bad.

I challenge you to do the hard thing today- invest in yourself, sweat, go through the pain.

It’s worth it on the other side.

Join the meal prep course and you will definitely give yourself the gift of time and money on the other side!

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