The real American tragedy is TIME

The real American tragedy is TIME: we are so strapped for it, we will do anything to have more of it with our busy lives that we sacrifice our health for it.

Guys, the big businesses know how badly you want more time that they are going to offer to you easy solutions that will kill your health.

Solutions like "fast food" (literally time in the title), that have no regard for your health.

These are the reasons why the US is in the state of declining health it is in.

But when you sacrifice your health to have more time, guess what? You are actually also sacrificing time!

Because when you don't have health, time literally doesn't matter. There is nothing useful you can do with time when you are in a hospital, in a doctors' office, unable to get up and move, or on pills that make you feel terrible.

I want to tell you there is a way for you have both more time and your health.

I spent my career creating it for you.

You can get 15 days worth of time back a year...while eating healthier than you...

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Don't Doubt Yourself

Five years ago, before I was a business owner, before I ever had a business idea, I was on a business trip for my corporate job.

I had been tasked with attending a medical conference in Washington DC.

One evening, the conference put on a happy hour for all the conference attendees.

I was hanging out with my coworkers when a man approached me.

He told me there was a medium at who had seen me and wanted to speak with me.

At first, we thought it was a very odd pick up line, but I was curious, so I went with him to a woman seated at the bar.

She was a completely normal looking 40-something year old dressed in business casuals.

I asked if she was in attendance as a psychic. She said no, she was there working, but she was a medium and did readings on the side.

"I noticed you over there and I felt really compelled to speak with you," she said.

I was shocked.

"You're going to do great things and help a lot of people."

And then she said the most important thing of all:

"Don't doubt...

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Getting rid of your old identity to build a new one

Change can be scary, it can be hard.

Losing the weight or starting a new diet can feel like you are losing yourself and your identity.

And that is actually what is happening; you are getting rid of your old identity and building a new one!

You are brave for making a change, it is not easy!!

The faster you can believe in yourself to be that new person, the less painful that change will be.

Let’s get clear together on whom the new you is…..

What do you think and feel as a thinner, healthier you?
What tools do you need to become the new you?

Write all of that down and move forward from there and you will see how FAST and SIMPLE change is!

I would love to be a part of your journey and help you become the new you!! Join The Meal Prep Course and let’s do this together!

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