The $1,000 course going for $47

The $1,000 course going for $47

I developed The Meal Prep Course with the thought in mind that if someone were to ask me to teach them these things in person, I would charge at least $1,000.

$1,000 because the result my client would walk away with would give them that back over and over each year for the rest of their life.

Because this info is so valuable, I wanted to make it easily accessible to all, I put it in a course. And I still thought “the value of this go at your own pace course is easily worth $1,000”.

When you take what's in The Meal Prep Course and implement it in your life, you can save thousands of dollars a year on wasted food.

  • You can give yourself 2 weeks worth of time back
  • You can spend your lunch breaks relaxing instead of stressed
  • You can have evenings in the backyard with your kids instead of
    working in the kitchen while everyone else has fun
  • You can have health for life.
  • You can decide you want to make a major dietary change and then DO IT! And never look back.
  • You can get picky eaters excited about what’s on their plates.
  • You can reach your weight loss goals.
  • You can teach your children a valuable and lifelong skill that they will carry with them forever.
  • You can have the energy and time to pursue your side hustle.

So, how did I decide to charge only $47 for this course?

I want everyone to have access to it.

I want everyone to see these incredible changes show up in their lives.

I want this for you, and for the health of our nation.

When you sign up for The Meal Prep Course, you are signing up to change your life for the better forever.

Decide to make the change for yourself, for your kids, for your future, for life.

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