It's time to take your health back!

When I was getting my nutrition degree, I was sucked into a common belief: that American's health is failing not by choice, but by force.

This attitude bleeds into our culture and tells everyone "You can play the blame game, too".

I spent many years being angry at fast food, being angry at big AG, being angry with the food companies hiring chemists to manufacture foods that could hijack our taste buds.

How could they do this to unsuspecting, innocent American's and steal their health?

I felt powerless. I imagine you have felt this way, too.
There is nothing I can do to save our health.
But then I began to realize, my health is in my hands.
Your health is in your hands.

America's health does not lie with big AG or in a factory farm. It lies with each individual American.

YOU are the only one with the power to get healthier or sicker.

And that is not me BLAMING you, that is me EMPOWERING you.

You have a choice; and there are actually quite a few out there.

If you're busy, low on cash, wanting more or better options, there are other things you can do than hitting the drive through or pulling a frozen meal from the freezer.

Empower yourself!
- Get organized
- Set aside 3 hours this weekend and make a plan of what you'll eat
- Make a grocery list and get to the store
- Buy only what's on the list
- Get home
- Cook
- Box

Now, you have a fridge stocked with
- The most healthy
- The most convenient (more convenient than a drive through or delivery!) meals possible.

You are empowered to make a good decision for yourself!

You have taken control of your environment.

You have taken control of your HEALTH!!

The change America's health needs has just shifted because of YOU!! Pat yourself on the back.

You are making a difference for you and for us:).

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