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Ask The Nutritionist is the newest addition to this page! Outside of my weekly show Wine About It (Facebook live on Thursdays at 5:30pmCST @Basically It Meals), I love answering your questions! Post them in the comments here or on Instagam I will answer them in this weekly post!

The first question is from Sherry; “why is it important to add flax seeds to your diet?”

Flax seeds may seem like one of those foods that you don’t want to buy because you don’t know how you will ever include it in your diet. BUT as far as health benefits go, it is one of my favorite seeds and I try to include flax every day. Flax seeds contain #omega3 fatty acids which are great for brain health as well as skin and nails. Studies have also shown them to reduce the risk of stroke and cancer. I always used to have nails that broke and peeled, but when I started adding flax to my diet, they changed to the most sturdy nails that would literally be as long as my arm if I didn’t cut them. The trick with flax is you have to get the meal, or else you will not reap any of the benefits (flax are so high in fiber that if they are not ground first, your body will not be able to release any of the beneficial compounds). I use this meal in many ways: smoothies, baking, protein shakes, protein snacks, snack bars and on top of salads.

If you buy flax and don’t know what to do with them, then comment here and I will share specific recipes!

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