5 Tips to Travel Healthy

My daily diet on the most recent trip I took looked something like this:

✔️Bacon & eggs






✔️Ice cream


  • I didn't gain a pound
  • I didn't feel sluggish, tired, or groggy
  • I slept great
  • I went to the gym every day
  • I fit into my clothes great
  • I had no bloat
  • I had no shame, guilt or remorse over my food choices

How is that even possible? If someone had told me this a year ago, I would not have believed them.

But it is true. 

I did all of this in the name of research for the No-Diet Diet Club Healthy Travel Module, and it worked like a charm.

Here are a few of the things I put into place...

  1. Plan ahead: 
    • This is truly the key to everything. Knowing ahead of time what splurges you will be enjoying and when you will be fitting in your movement uses your conscious brain (the one that wants you to fit into your pants comfortably) to make wise choices that will benefit you.
  2. Exercise
    • You don't have to run a marathon or bench press for an hour, just MOVE! So much of the sluggishness brought on by vacation is from eating and sitting, sitting and eating. This movement (preferably first thing in the morning, get it out of the way) will help clear that sluggishness and give you the boost in confidence you need to make healthy choices.
  3. Choose a splurge
    • Choose one planned splurge per day. It is easy to splurge at every single meal on vacation, but the key to staying light is choosing one per day. For me, it was light breakfast, splurge lunch, no snacks and light dinner. It was the flow of the trip and it made it really easy to stay on track.
  4. Supplements
  5. Choose a "light" meal
    • On this trip, I not only chose a splurge meal, but I chose one meal to extra light. For me, that was breakfast. Breakfast consisted of green tea, one strawberry and few bites a hard boiled egg, bacon or sausage. That was it. SUPER light. Abnormally light. But this WORKED! By cutting down at breakfast, when it was really easy to cut down, I was able to feel light until lunch and leave without bloat or sluggishness.

Give these a try and let me know your thoughts! For more on traveling healthy and light, join me in The No-Diet Diet Club!


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