The secrets of aging in reverse

Chemistry professors know a lot about aging.

They don't necessarily care about what aging means in terms of looks, of course. They are all wrapped up in chemical reactions, but I do, and I learned a lot from them during my years as a student of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.

Here is what I do know after years of chemistry classes and personal research...

All the known secrets of aging in reverse are found in these few things...

đź’‹A diet full of colorful plant foods
đź’‹Nutrient dense fats such as avocado, olive oil and almonds
đź’‹A tailored supplement regimen (which we will be digging into soon in the No-Diet Diet Club)
đź’‹Regular exercise (HIIT is best, follow me on Instagram for a lot more tips on this!)
đź’‹Biohacking (a new one I am experimenting with and will be sharing with you!)

If you have any questions about these, comment and let me know!


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