Let me show you 5 Simple Ingredients to Keep in your Kitchen that yield Over 20 Simple, Fast, Healthy Meals!



Fewer ingredients. Faster prep.

The best way to get healthy meals on the table.

Does this sound familiar?

Your day began early. The alarm went off and you thought about hitting the gym before heading to the office, but instead you just hit snooze repeatedly toying with going but ultimately just staying in bed. You’ll switch your gym day to tomorrow.

Even with your internal debate about working out, you were still in the office with your butt in the chair before everyone else.

You worked your day, scurried in and out of meetings, ate lunch at your desk, didn’t stop for breaks, and then stayed late to catch up.

When you realized how late it was getting, you finally decided it was probably time to run those few errands before you headed to that board meeting you told everyone you would attend.

By the time you unlock your door and drag yourself and your stuff in, the evening feels pretty much over, and your stomach is seriously growling.

You’ve got more emails that came in while you sat at that meeting you’re feeling like you should check; dishes are waiting to be washed or put away; laundry needs to be tossed in; there’s a pile of stuff on the counter you’ve been meaning to organize; and another to-do list hanging out with your name on it.

Your stomach growls again.

You open the fridge. Then the cabinets. You have groceries but they all require so much effort to get something put together.

You’ll end up on the phone with your mom or a friend who knows how to cook better than you do to ask them about the right temperature for cooking the chicken breast you bought with the intention of eating healthier and taking control over your meals.

But now that you’re home, the last thing you want is to end up on the phone with someone longer than have the time or energy for, or to prolong getting food into your body.

You could scan Pinterest for easy meal ideas, but it will take you ages to find one that works with the specific things you already have in the kitchen.

You should have made that appointment with the nutritionist at the gym when she offered. If only someone would just tell you what to eat and how to make it.

Better yet. If only you had enough money to pay for a private chef.

There’s your stomach again.

You’ve ruled out cooking, but you want to eat as soon as possible with as little effort as possible.

You look at your phone. You’ve got Uber Eats and Door Dash.

You could cheat for the night. Except you cheated last night. And last week you cheated so many times your groceries went to waste. The food budget for the month blew up before your eyes between the groceries you bought but didn’t use and the meals you had delivered for convenience that weren’t planned.

Of course, the guilt creeps in.

And as you recall it so has more frequent heartburn and indigestion with all the delivery. The things those restaurants classified as gluten or dairy free must not have been.

You want to eat healthy but how do you do that with your packed schedule and the feeling of exhaustion and low energy at the end of the day?

Takeout and delivery are so easy. But you know it makes you feel crummy - emotionally and physically.

You know you want to pay better attention to your health, but how can you do that more efficiently?

And how do you watch the cost? Isn’t the healthier food always more expensive? Isn’t that the way it goes?

You decide you’ll tackle this issue tomorrow (or the next day) when your mind is fresh.

You reach for your phone and start to scan the options…

If this is you and you’re feeling like eating healthy in simple ways at a low cost is impossible, I’m about to rock your world.

In this video I’ll share with you 5 key ingredients to have stocked and ready in your kitchen or pantry to create over 20 quick and healthy meals.

That’s right.



Keep these five ingredients always on hand and you’ll never be in a pinch for something to whip up quickly at the end of the day.

You know, when you’re juggling fifty things and you’re not even thinking about food because you’re working hard, wearing several hats and doing all the things.


Stay until the end of the video so you can snatch the PDF download of your shopping list and recipes without having to watch this video in the produce aisle or scribble what I’m saying onto the back of your latest grocery receipt shoved at the bottom of your bag or crumpled inside your pocket.


When Less Means More


With only five ingredients you’re saving time at the grocery store. And we both know how precious and valuable your time is.


If you’re only buying five things, and you’re sticking to the list, you’re reducing your grocery bill by focusing on the few things you know you need instead of several things you threw into your cart on a whim.


There’s only so much preparation that can be done when you have so few ingredients. And you don’t have time for chopping, peeling, melting, massaging every item. That’s why these recipes are simple.


The ingredients may be fewer and the preparation time less, but I haven’t skimped on nutrition. You can still eat super healthy meals even if they are faster to make and have less stuff in them. That’s the best part! (And also the whole point.)


I know making healthy meal choices each day isn’t easy. Some days it’s the real pits. And cooking at home can be time consuming and require skills that some of us simply don’t have. It makes hitting up the drive-thru really easy, but it doesn’t offer the nutrition we need (or want).

After I graduated with my degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from UMC, I was working as a nutrition educator and teaching people that in order to eat healthy, they really needed to be cooking from home.

I kept hearing the same things repeatedly.

“I have no idea how to cook.”

“I hate cooking.”

Or my favorite, “What can I order from the drive-thru that is like cooking at home?”

*face palm

To me these were serious problems.

Most people were lacking time, skill, or commitment to putting a healthy meal on the table each night. Especially with more convenient options available just around the corner.

So, I started cooking for others until it turned into a full-fledged business, Basically It Meals.

Today, Basically It Meals delivers healthy and delicious meals to families all over St. Louis and is truly improving lives.

But I don’t want to only get the people of St. Louis eating healthier. My mission is much larger than that.

That’s why I’m trying to connect with you. If you’ll let me.

I’m inviting you to watch You're On the Go But Your Food Doesn't Have to Be.

I’ve created this video specifically for you so you can start to see how manageable it is to regain control of your nutrition and keep it convenient for your schedule. (And also eliminate those frequent runs through the drive-thru or the number of times you’re calling for delivery.)

So, this is me “knocking on your door” and asking to come inside for a minute to chat about food and give you some seriously awesome and simple tips to jump start you.

Will you open your door?


The tips I share in You're On the Go But Your Food Doesn't Have To Be include five healthy ingredients that still enable you to eat from the pantry without a fuss. They aren’t complicated. They aren’t time consuming. And because they only take a few simple ingredients you’re cutting down on your costs (read: money) and preparation (read: time).

Ready to take back control over your diet and health even amidst your very busy, very awesome, and very successful life?

Want to eat healthier faster and more often?

Then don’t waste any more time. Watch my video.

And don’t forget to stick around to the end for that BONUS!