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"The Meal Prep Course is priceless. The changes it has made in my life....more time to work on my business, less money on food...I cannot put on a price on the value of this course."


"Before The Meal Prep Course I was spending about 8 hours each week on cooking and sourcing my meals. Since taking the course I am saving about 6 hours on cooking each week. Now I have time for long walks with my husband, relaxing breaks, Netflix and gardening."


"The best thing you can do for YOU!"

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Who is Hayley Sohn

While Hayley was receiving her degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, she felt scared for the nations health. She graduated with a mission to change the health of the United States. 
In her first job as a Nutrition Educator, Hayley quickly realized the health crisis in the US has little to do with lack of knowledge about what to eat. 
So, Hayley founded a healthy meal prep and delivery service and started crafting and delivering healthy, ready to eat meals all over St Louis. Yet, once again, she felt she wasn't quite making the impact she could. 
And then, the worst happened, COVID hit and Hayley was forced to shut down her meal delivery service.
This unexpected change actually opened a new door, and Hayley is now having a bigger and better impact on the health of the nation than ever before.
Hayley now teaches people how to cook healthy for themselves at home in less time, with less money than any convenient option.
She would love to connect with YOU! 
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