If you:

- Are 10-50lbs overweight

- Feel like you can't stop eating chips on the couch at night

- Have tried a lot of diets but the weight keeps coming back

- Feel stuck at your weight

- Have no motivation to diet

- Feel confused about what to eat

You're in the right place!

Dieting is not the answer when the problem is your brain.

The Brain Training Weight Loss Program teaches you to lose weight in 3 simple steps:

  1. Make a plan (Nutritionist guided, no dieting required)
  2. Stick to the plan by learning how to eliminate emotional eating- no matter the stress or Netflix and Snack habit you have
  3. Learn weight loss (like you’re learning a new sport) so it lasts a lifetime

What you really want:

  • Your confidence back

  • Freedom around food

  • Weight loss that feels effortless

Which is exactly what the Brain Training Weight Loss Program does for you.

If you have failed at dieting before then you know...

Diets don't work.

Effortless and lifelong weight loss only happens when you focus on your brain.

AND Brain Training for Weight Loss works no matter how many times you have failed at losing weight before.

  • You can eliminate emotional eating
  • Experience freedom around food.
  • It works even if you have a hormonal issue or slow metabolism.
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How the Brain Training Weight Loss Program Works:

  • You learn to lose weight in 3 simple steps delivered through self-guided videos and workbook:

    1. Create your Personalized Weight Loss Plan with Nutritionist Hayley Sohn
    2. Eliminate emotional eating
    3. Learn how to make weight loss last through brain training

    The program includes:

    • The Rewire Your Brain Weight Loss System: self-guided program of videos and a workbook
    • Weekly group coaching delivered via Zoom
    • Access to coaching with Hayley anytime through the client portal
    • Community Facebook group
    • A full meal prep class teaching you how to cook healthy at home
    • Cravings Mastery program which deep dives into emotional eating
    • Monthly challenges for accountability

Here's what you get inside the 

Brain Training Weight Loss Program!

The Proven Process

This Brain Wiring for Weight Loss Program is a proven step-by-step system to lose weight and keep it off.

Nutritionist Coaching 

Weekly group coaching with Nutritionist Hayley Sohn

Daily Support

Access to daily Nutrition support through the client portal

Cravings Mastery Training 

Learn how to overcome emotional eating, stress eating and impossible cravings in one week.

Meal Prep Training

Learn how to stock your fridge with ready to eat meals in as little as 3 hours a week. 

 Community Support

Connect with others who are facing the same challenges you are!

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This Is For You If...

  • You are done with dieting.
  • You have tried a lot of diets and seen some success, but you gained all the weight back.
  • You feel stuck and have lost your motivation.
  • You want to feel good in your skin again!
  • You don't want to give up foods you love- you are looking for a healthy balance.
  • You want to focus on your mindset, not counting calories or following a list of foods.
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Connie Spent 40 Years Dieting. 

With Brain Wiring for Weight Loss She Has Lost 70lbs in 5.5 Months.


Connie was ready to give up dieting for good and lose weight without dieting.

She jumped at the chance to try brain wiring for weight loss because:

  • Focus on your mindset, not all the foods you're not allowed to eat
  • Learn the tools you need to stop cravings, emotional eating and feel good in your skin
  • Lose weight without suffering!

Connie is no longer struggling with weight loss. She loves getting dressed in the morning, she is no longer seeing her weight yo yo. The scale goes down and there is no suffering.

"I lost 19lbs in two weeks.

The weight is just falling off."

- Lucy, down 35lbs in 5m


Lucy was ready to make a change.

When she heard that you could lose weight by changing your brain, she knew it was right for her.


"I was yo-yo dieting, and then I saw this- and it makes sense!"

- Julie, 12lbs down while travelling and living life.


Her weight was down and then right back up.

“What gives? I don’t want to sacrifice the foods I love forever…but I want to lose weight and keep it off.”

When we met she said “this makes sense!”

She was able to drop 12lbs while traveling this summer. 

In fact, she LOST WEIGHT while traveling!

She lost the weight while LIVING HER LIFE…in a way that feels good for her and she gets to eat the foods she enjoys.


Here's how it all works:

  1. As soon as you sign up you get Instant access to the on demand Brain Training Weight Loss Program 
  2. The program teaches you how to rewire your brain so you can lose weight without dieting in 3 simple steps: 
    1. By creating your personalized Nutritionist guided weight loss plan,.
    2. By learning how to get in control of your eating (break up with your Netflix and Chill snacking habit!)
    3. By learning weight loss like you are learning a sport with Nutritionist Hayley Sohn as your coach through weekly live coaching, daily access to Hayley and our incredible community.
  1. How its delivered:
    1. As soon as you sign up access to the program is delivered to your inbox! 
    2. Inside the program you will see the self guided videos and your workbook guiding you through your weight loss journey step by step.
  2. Timeframe and delivery:
    1. Once you sign up you get started with the program instantly via an emailed link!
    2. You go through the program on demand; it will take you about 30 days to get through the core of the material, by the end of which you’re going to be about done with the core material, and probably down about 10lbs.
    3. You have a year to work with me in the program and access to the materials, a year to lose your weight, a year to change your brain and become a new person!
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You get instant access to the program as soon as you sign up!

Clear steps to lose weight effortlessly.

And keep it off!

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You may feel like you've tried it all...but I promise you have not tried the one thing that works...focusing on your brain!

👉 The Brain Training Weight Loss Program gives you the step-by-step formula for weight loss...and it has nothing to do with dieting or restricting!
👉 You have live support from experienced Nutritionist, Hayley Sohn
👉 You get to connect with others who are on the same journey and facing the same challenges
👉 You learn why your brain is telling you to eat things you don't want to eat...and how to get in control!

Start Losing Weight NOW!!!

Pay in full $2,000

  • Instant access to the Brain Wiring Weight Loss Program for 12m
  • Weekly Live Nutrition Coaching Calls
  • Daily Nutrition Coaching Access Through the Portal
  • Craving Mastery Training
  • Meal Prep Training
  • Community Support
  • Monthly Challenges and Bonuses
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6 Monthly Payments

Of $416

  • Instant access to the Brain Wiring Weight Loss Program for 12m
  • Weekly Live Nutrition Coaching Calls
  • Daily Nutrition Coaching Access Through the Portal
  • Craving Mastery Training
  • Meal Prep Training
  • Community Support
  • Monthly Challenges and Bonuses
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