3 tips to beat daylight saving time!

Hey there,

Man, this change in the season can be tough! Those clocks go back and it feels like everything changes!

It can be really rough on sleep and your routine. Here are a couple of great ways to beat it:

If the sun is out, poke your head outside and catch some rays on any skin you can expose (face, hands). This can really help with mood and sleep this time of year.

If the moon is out in the evening, bundle up and step outside to take a look at it! Again, can be really helpful for getting you back on track with sleep

Try some blue blocking glasses. When we sit in front of a screen all day (hello, computer and phone!), it can be harmful to our sleep hormones! Blue blocking glasses can really help. Click this link to see the ones I got. I am trying them out and will let you know the results!

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